Monday, November 5, 2012

Baked Oatmeal Essentials

Here are the baked oatmeal essentials layed out so you can get a visual idea of some of the main ingredients.

Coconut oil; The healthy fat that is not only okay to eat, but very good for the body. It is antimicrobial,  so fights bad bacteria that enters the body. It's also restorative, providing the best building blocks for the each individual cell structure. Click here to read a great article by the Weston A. Price Foundation on the benefits of coconut oil.

Butter; Another healthy fat. It's also a restorative fat with some of it's biggest health benefits being the fat soluble vitamins, particularly A and D. Read my post Why Dairy is Good For You, Especially the Fat to learn more about the health benefits of butter.

Whole cane sugar; This unrefined sweetener still contains vitamins and minerals and is processed by the body the same way as honey and real maple syrup. Using regular white sugar in your recipes is much better than an artificial sweetener (like evil Splenda), but an unrefined sweetener is the best. Click here to read my write-up on sugar and other sweeteners.

OatsTechnically both old fashioned oats and quick oats are rolled (flattened). (Steal cut oats are not rolled.) I have successfully used old fashioned oats and quick oats interchangeably in most of my baked oatmeal recipes. Choose certified gluten-free oats if you have gluten sensitivities.

Baking soda; Try to find a brand that us aluminum free. Aluminum is a toxic substance and there's no need to be putting it into our bodies!

Sea salt; Salt is not bad for you, but refined table salt is (the same salt found in processed foods). The body needs unrefined sea salt for proper cellular function and the trace minerals it provides. I have now seen sea table salt available at most grocery stores which is a lot cheaper than the unrefined stuff, though it's not nearly as high quality. I now mainly use table sea salt and some unrefined sea salt.

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